Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thoughts During a Candle Meditation

Whilst doing a candle meditation the other day, I looked at the flame and saw it flickering. It made me think of how we waver when life throws difficulties at us.

However, although the flame moved around a lot, it did not go out. This reminded me that, although we can be thrown around a lot by the challenges we have, they do not extinguish us. We remain alive during those times of difficulty.

After a while, the flame stopped flickering and burned tall without moving. To me, this showed that, once we get through the difficult times, we stand tall and strong again. In actual fact, we're stronger than we were before because we've learned a lot during those times.

The flame of the candle is like the human spirit. It can sometimes be blown about by external events but it is not extinguished by them and ultimately it shows how strong and resilient it is.

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